Sunday Ministries

Sunday School

We have a vibrant community of young children at St. Paul's, and our Sunday School teachers provide a fun and educational place for them to learn about and grown in the Christian faith.

Each Sunday there is a children's sermon after which children are dismissed to Sunday School until the beginning of the Eucharist.

This summer our children will be taking a break from Sunday School. During that hiatus, St. Paul’s will be working hard to establish an excellent Sunday School program!

As part of her work in Congregtional Development, Jen Fulton has taken on the task of revamping this important part of our parish life. Pam Jentz has selflessly served as our only teacher since last January with a cobbled-together curriculum; we cannot continue to ask her to serve alone with no curricular support.

Therefore, over the summer Jen will be asking people to consider a call to teach, with the hope that enough people will say “yes” to this call that we can have two Sunday School classes (divided by age), with each teacher teaching once each month.

She will also be researching and receiving training in an established Sunday School curriculum, and training teachers in this curriculum as well.

With God’s grace, we will be able to welcome our young students back in the fall to an exciting new Sunday School program!

Stay tuned to this page and the news page to keep appraised of the progress!