Outreach Minstries

Stephen Ministry

Stephen MinistryStephen Ministry is a lay ministry of listening and caring, where the "Care-Giver", as the Stephen Minister is called, meets reguarly with a "Care-Receiver".  The ministers are trained to listen carefully in a way that helps that person come to acceptance or resolution of issues, or be encouraged to seek additional care when needed. Stephen Ministry is Christians reaching out to others--to the lonely, the depressed, the elderly, the divorced, the sick, the grieving.  The ministers are not trained to be “mini-therapists”, nor are they intended to replace the pastoral minstry of the clergy, but rather are extensions of that ministry.

A couple of years ago St. Paul's was in the process of becoming a "Stephen Ministry Congregation". Even though that process has been put on hold for the time being, we are still looking for parishoners interested and led by the Spirit to be trained as Stephen Ministers. Have you ever had a friend who was grieving or depressed and you wished you knew what to say or do?  Has anyone ever called you to talk about a problem and you didn't know how to respond?  There are basic skills and insights that you can learn for being compassionate with hurting people.  These skills are taught in Stephen Ministry.  Do you care about people?  Do you have a desire to pass on to others the love and care that God has shown to you?  Do you want to learn to know yourself better?  If you answered "yes" then Stephen Ministry may be for you.

If the Holy Spirit is leading you to give an hour a week to listen with care and be a vehicle of compassion, and you are willing to be trained and then meet periodically after the initial training with other Stephen Ministers in support of each other, then we encourage you to consider becoming a Stephen Minister. 

Please feel free to speak with Jude Keltner or with Marie Blunt (at the Samaritan Center), who is area coordinator this year, or you can click here to find out further details.