Giving to St. Paul's


Scrip is now available for purchase on Sunday mornings or during the week when the church office is open. We have a large supply of Martin's and Meijer's scrip on hand.
If you would like to purchase scrip to use with other vendors, fill out a form at church or contact John Lendell at 574-936-8574 and he will try to fill your orders as soon as possible.
What is Scrip?

Scrip is anything that is used in place of money. If you’ve ever used a gift card, pre-paid debit card, or gift certificate, you’ve used scrip.

How does Scrip work?

Easily. You buy, from the church, scrip to use at any of dozens of restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, stores—you name it. Let’s say you know you’ll spend $200 at Martin’s within the next month. You write a check to St. Paul’s for $200. The next Sunday you collect your $200 worth of Martin’s gift certificates. You take them to the store and spend them for your purchases. That’s all there is to it.

Then how does St. Paul’s make any money?

That’s simple, too. We buy the scrip at slightly less than its face value, and keep the difference. As you’ll see on the order form, some of the sources offering scrip pay a larger percentage to us than others.

So why has St. Paul’s decided to get into a scrip program?

We are joining the company of many other area churches and schools in a fundraising effort that costs parishioners nothing. Initially, we want to avoid a budget shortfall this year; our goal is $1800 based on the 2010 budget approved by the Vestry. When we’re sure we can do that, the profits from scrip will go to other worthwhile projects we might not have been able to fund otherwise.

I notice that the order sheet shows many stores, restaurants, etc. If something is not listed that I use a lot personally, what do I do?

One of the scrip items that can be purchased is a pre-paid VISA card. This card can be used at almost any company in the area or in the world. If you have a specific item you are interested in, please let one of the SCRIP committee members or the church office know, and we will research its availability.

Denominations of the scrip are listed on the order sheet. Can I purchase other denominations?

We have listed the denominations that we felt were practical for the people of the parish. Larger and maybe smaller amounts may be available. Please indicate on your order sheet what $ size you are interested in and we will research it for you.

Why will only checks be accepted as a form of payment? One check per order only?

To keep the accounting simple and ease in the administration of the program we have had to put these restrictions on the program.

For more infomration, visit the Scrip website.

If you have any questions just ask John or Kyle Lendel or Jeanne Dams.

Click here for a list of participating ventors