Peanut Brittle

Every Autumn for the past 6 years parisoners and friends have gathered on Monday nights to make peanut brittle, which is sold to raise money for various outreach opportunities, parish functions, improvements, etc.

Volunteers are needed to provide ingredients, cook, package, and sell. It is important that we make quantities in October to be sold at the upcoming diocesan convention later in the month.

3/4 pound Bags will be sold for $5 apiece, and are available at the back of the church. These are great as gifts, and sell fast at schools, work, and social functions.

History of the Peanut Brittle Fundraiser

The Peanut Brittle Fundraiser began at the suggestion of George Imus. He was the head of the Men’s Club at the time and we were looking for ways to do some fund-raising for items around the church that weren’t in the budget. George had made peanut brittle with the Osceola Boy Scouts and suggested we try it.

In our first year, 1995, we sold one pound bags for $5 and realized a net profit of $677. Each year, more and more of the supplies were donated and our profits increased. This past year we had gross profit of over $3000. For the first time, we adjusted our sales: $5 for ¾ of a pound instead of for a full pound.

The funds raised by peanut brittle sales are always tithed to some organization determined by those who participate. What is to be purchased with the remainder of the money is brainstormed by participants, and suggestions are made to the vestry for their approval.

Over the years peanut brittle funds have purchased the tables and chairs in the undercroft, acolyte robes and cinctures, altar linens, the first commercial gas stove in the undercroft kitchen, the current refrigerator and freezer in the undercroft kitchen, color printer, digital camera, cups for congregational candles, torches and stands for altar, a new advent wreath and oil candles as well as money for remodeling one of the undercroft restrooms, and money for the anniversary celebrations.