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  • Stations of the Nativity

    Parishioners from St. Paul’s have collaborated to offer “Stations of the Nativity” as an Advent offering to the parish.


    The offering comes in two parts. First, 14 striking, contemporary works of art will be hung in the sanctuary in place of the usual Stations of the Cross. These stations will be used on Wednesday evenings for a meditative service as part of our usual adult education series.


    Second, a booklet featuring 14 thoughtful prose or poetic devotions will be offered to be taken home and used throughout the season. “The Word of God is sharper than any double edged sword,” the Bible says. It is hoped that this collection of words and images will point us to the Nativity story and ultimately to the Word Incarnate, Jesus Christ.


    The meditations are available for reading or downloading here.

  • Bishop Frank Gray's New Book

    We are fortunate to have some of the first copies of a new book by our former bishop (and interim priest during most of 2008), The Rt. Rev. Francis Gray, entitled, For Thou Art With Me. The book documents the time he and his mother and father spent in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in the Philippines.


    They are available for purchase for $10.00. Please see Mother Susan if you wish to purchase a copy.


    Bishop Gray will be happy to inscribe your purchased copy.

  • Outreach Report

    In October donations to the Food Pantry totaled 349 pounds; the total through November 14 was 165 pounds.

    Thanksgiving Baskets: Thirty-seven were assembled and delivered throughout South Bend and Mishawaka. A huge thank-you to all for your support, and a special acknowledgment to those who shopped and delivered the baskets: Teresa and David Betz, Diane Haywood and Vickie Hesch, Jim Lovelace, Chris and Gerald Cannoot, Dave Jentz., Betty Jo Boyer, Jan and Jack Frieden. These baskets helped to cheer many people who would not otherwise have had a Thanksgiving dinner.

    Operation Christmas Child: Packed with love and sent with prayer, thirty-one shoeboxes joined the nearly eight million boxes that will be distributed to108 countries worldwide.

    St. Margaret's House: The Fashioning Our Lives event was hugely successful with 300 plus in attendance. It was a very enjoyable day.

    Looking ahead: Don’t forget Souper Bowl Sunday, coming up in January 2011.

    Again I express my gratitude for your support of the outreach projects at St. Paul's.


  • The Vision Committee

    We've been meeting since September and you probably are wondering what we have been doing. During that time, we have examined the life at St. Paul's—what we do well, what we can improve. We have all agreed that St. Paul's, in its life cycle, is a parish of mature faith where much is happening. We have discovered once again the richness and depth to our communal life. As a result, we have come to understand that we cannot rush Vision. Advent is beginning—the season of waiting and expectation. We on the Vision Committee feel that something big and wonderful is ready to happen at St. Paul's, but we have not yet clearly discerned what that will be (or from what direction it will come). Consequently, for the season of Advent, we are taking a break to pray and to refocus. We would ask the congregation's help in two ways: first, pray with us. We are unable to do our work without your prayers. Further, we would like to convene a group formally whose mission it is to pray for the work of St. Paul's Vision Committee. If you would be interested in being part of such a group, please let us know. Secondly, would you like to be part of the Vision Committee? Perhaps you have dreams too. Perhaps you have energy that will help us focus. We welcome your participation. If you are interested in being part of a prayer group or part of the Vision Committee itself, please contact Mother Susan.

  • Literacy Project Training Dates Set

    The Literacy Project will begin in earnest with a nine-hour tutor training course, to be conducted on three consecutive Thursday evenings, January 20 & 27 and February 3. Sessions will begin promptly at 6 PM in the undercroft and will wrap up no later than 9. A snack will be served. Once training is completed, tutors will be matched with adult learners based on a number of factors, including scheduling preferences and meeting place. For instance, if you prefer not to be out at night, you will be matched with an adult learner who is available to meet during the day. This flexibility to meet at a time and place convenient for individual participants made the Literacy Project particularly attractive to the Outreach Committee, who are sensitive to the reality that outreach events with fixed dates inevitably exclude participation by parish members for whom specific dates do not work. Here is your chance to use an open time in your schedule to change a life. If you are unsure about becoming a tutor and wish to know more before making a commitment, please attend the January 20 session. For more information, please contact Jude Keltner.

  • Advent Contemplation and Meditation

    On Wednesday evenings during Advent, we continue with Evening Prayer and Stations of the Nativity at 6 PM. Following this, we will enjoy a light supper. Soup will be provided and participants are asked to bring a salad, bread, or dessert. Then the group will engage in a quiet, reflective study of the Advent/ Christmas edition of Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton, focusing on writings of Thomas Merton and edited by Jonathan Montaldo and Robert G. Toth of the Merton Institute for Contemplative Living. Books are available for purchase at $5.00

  • Anglican Covenant

    The Anglican Covenant may be the most significant development in the Anglican Communion in our lifetime. In an era of significant divisions among Communion partners, the Covenant seeks to clarify and formalize the ties that bind us together in Jesus Christ. This proposal is not without its difficulties, however, in matter both of polity and precedence.

    The Diocese of Northern Indiana is pleased to engage in conversation on the Anglican Covenant. All are invited and encouraged to gather on Saturday, January 22, 2011, at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in South Bend, for presentations both for and against the covenant, small group conversations, and large group reflections.

    The day will begin with registration at 9:30 and Morning Prayer at 9:45. A Jimmy John’s lunch box will be available for purchase for $8, or you may prefer to bring your own.

    For a detailed program and/or to let them know you’re coming, you may call the Cathedral of St. James, 574-232-4837, email them, or go to their website, http://, and click on Events.

  • From Your Editor

    The holidays can bring great joy, but as you all know, they can bring difficulties as well. One of those difficulties is that I must prepare the EPISTLE much earlier than usual for the two months at the end of the secular year, so that they will be in your hands (or computers) by the last Sunday of the month. I know that many people whose contributions make the EPISTLE what it is had to scramble to get me their information on time for this December issue, and it won’t be any easier for the January issue. So please, if you need to get me an article or picture for the January EPISTLE, I would like to have it no later than December 15, and earlier if possible. That way I can have the completed newsletter in Carole’s hands by the 20th, so she can get it out to you. My email address is

  • News Item



    The above poem by Bishop Gray is a fitting introduction to our newest project here at St. Paul’s. Our parishioners have collaborated to offer "Stations of the Nativity" as a gift to the parish at large this Advent. The offering comes in two parts. First, fourteen striking, contemporary works of art will be hung in the sanctuary in place of the usual Stations of the Cross. These stations will be used for a meditative service on Wednesday evenings as a part of Evening Prayer. Second, a booklet featuring fourteen thoughtful prose or poetic devotions will be offered for parishioners to take home and use throughout the season. "The Word of God is sharper than any double-edged sword," the Bible says. It is hoped that this arresting collection of words and images will point us to the Nativity story and ultimately to the Word Incarnate—Jesus Christ.

  • More Advent Activities

    Two interesting area events are planned by our extended church family for Advent. First, all are invited to an Advent Lessons and Carols service on Sunday, 5 December at 5 pm at the Cathedral of St. James, followed by a reception in Cathedral Hall. The service will include choirs from across our diocese. And at 6 pm on Sunday, December 19, St. Michael and All Angels will present a staged reading of the beloved Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol.

  • More Advent Activities

    Two interesting area events are planned by our extended church family for Advent. First, all are invited to an Advent Lessons and Carols service on Sunday, 5 December at 5 pm at the Cathedral of St. James, followed by a reception in Cathedral Hall. The service will include choirs from across our diocese. And at 6 pm on Sunday, December 19, St. Michael and All Angels will present a staged reading of the beloved Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol.

  • Adopt-A-Family for Christmas

    If you would be interested in helping to sponsor a family for Christmas, Mother Susan could use your help. She has been assisting a family of three in the community for a couple of years. The father works when he can find work. The mother cares for their three-year-old son who has health problems. Mother Susan would like to see the family receive some gifts for Christmas. There are three ways you can help: 1) make contributions to Mother Susan's discretionary fund (check is written to St. Paul's, with a memo for Adopt-a-Family) 2) assist with shopping for the family 3) assist with wrapping gifts Please speak to Mother Susan if you are interested.

  • Christmas Eve Children's Pageant

    Calling all angels, shepherds, wise men, sheep, cows, heffalumps and woozles! Any children planning to be in attendance at the Christmas Eve 5:30 PM service should count on being included in our Christmas Eve Children's Pageant. This is a wonderful opportunity to be able to act out the greatest story ever. All children in attendance will be included (including grandchildren, nieces and nephews). Costumes are provided or you may wear your own. Please let Mother Susan know if you will be able to participate.

  • Men's Group Breakfast

    On Saturday, December 4 beginning at 8 AM, all men are invited to join us in the Undercroft for breakfast. The women of the church will be cooking, and the men will be gathering to eat and to begin dreaming and planning for Men's Group activities at St. Paul's during 2011. Any questions? Please contact Brad Fulton or Jason Vice.

  • Seen Any Good Leaders?

    Next year we will have two openings on Vestry, a one-year term to finish out the term of Jen Fulton (who is resigning as she enters discernment for Holy Orders) and a three-year term. Do you know of anyone, including yourself, who might be good for those positions? If so, please talk to Mother Susan or a member of the Executive Committee (Jon Adamson, Lisette Bolduc or Jack Frieden). Additionally, we will be seeking to fill the position of Senior Warden and Treasurer, and your input on those positions would be greatly valued!

  • News Item

    Patti and Jimmie Anderson would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support while Jimmie was in Memorial Hospital. You are all asked keep Jimmie in your prayers as he recovers from his diabetic coma—probably a slow recovery time.

  • News Item

    Lisette Bolduc thanks everyone who helped at both Parish Work Days. We worked hard, but also had an excellent time getting to know one another. Workers were Jeanne Dams, Yates Forbis, Betty Jo Boyer, Diane Haywood, Dale and Jude Keltner, Dave and Nadine Collier, Sara and Marty Wolfe, Angelo Pascucci, Jan and Jack Frieden, Dave Betz, Jen Fulton, Vikki Hesch and Lisette Bolduc. Lisette also mentioned that as the buildings and grounds are spruced up and cleaned out, spare items will be offered first to parishioners for a month in the weekly bulletins, then disposed of in another way.

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  • Stewardship Update

    Pledges for 2011 were gathered on November 22. If you have not yet filled out your pledge card, extras are available at the back of the church.

    Where Does Our Money Go?


    As we approach a new budget year, it might be helpful to know from time to time a few tidbits about how your gifts to St. Paul's are used. The staff and lay leaders of the parish endeavor at every level to be good stewards of our resources. Some things are budgeted and we make every effort to remain within budget. Other things are donated, and we are grateful for the gifts of money, other treasures, talents and time. Here are a couple of examples:


    Coffee Hour: Coffee hour is not a budgeted item. Those who faithfully execute this ministry donate the things they serve. The church does have a small budget line to cover the cost of paper goods and coffee. However, the food you eat during coffee hour is pure gift. Be sure each Sunday to donate a small amount of money (if you can) toward defraying the cost of coffee and supplies and then give a big thank you to those who provide and serve the food.


    Sunday School: On the one hand Sunday School is a budgeted item, and on the other hand, it is not. We do set aside money in our budget to cover the cost of curriculum, but the services of teachers is another pure gift. We have a full rota of Sunday School teachers, each of whom donates one Sunday a month to preparing and delivering the lesson to our children. We are grateful for this ministry.


    Likewise, with Adult Education, while we have a small amount of money available to buy books and curriculum, both of those who teach (Fr. Michael and Joel Dodson) are offering their own talents. Attendance in both our children's and adult classes speaks to the many ways in which St. Paul's is benefiting from the services and talents of those who give of their time.

  • Diocesan Convention

    Many things happened at the 112th Convention of the Diocese of Northern Indiana, which was hosted by St. Paul's Church, Munster. To learn of these things, we encourage you to read Bishop Little's address at


    Of special interest to our own congregation here at St. Paul's in Mishawaka, we are delighted to let you know that at the Convention Eucharist our own Sharon Katona was named an honorary canon of the Cathedral Church of St. James (the seat of the Diocese) in recognition of her twemty-three years of faithful service handling the finances and bookkeeping for the Diocese. Sharon is retiring from the Diocese (but not from our parish) at the end of this year.


    Congratulations Canon Sharon L. Katona

  • St. Paul’s Literacy Project

    Motivated by an abiding interest to improve the quality of life in Mishawaka through education, the St. Paul's Outreach Committee recently chose to partner with the Literacy Council of St. Joseph County by providing tutors for adult learners who seek to improve literacy skills....




    The Outreach Committee is happy to report that sufficient funds have been raised to cover the cost of tutor training. Training will be conducted at St. Paul's in January.



  • Scrip Update

    We have met our goal for 2010—with three months to go! Scrip sales for September totaled $9240, with a profit of $356.85, for a year-to-date total of $1,302.42—and we didn’t even get started until ??.


    Our goal was $1300 to meet a projected parish budget shortfall. And with a matching gift of $500 from the peanut brittle fund, we’re well in the black. Thanks to all of you who supported the program, and remember you can do a lot of your Christmas shopping with scrip. Buy “stuff” with it, or give the cards themselves as gifts. They’re always the right size and the right color.


    Thanks to all of you who have helped make this program such a success. We’ll do even better next year.

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