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  • St. Paul’s Literacy Project

    M otivated by an abiding interest to improve the quality of life in Mishawaka through education, the St. Paul's Outreach Committee recently chose to partner with the Literacy Council of St. Joseph County by providing tutors for adult learners who seek to improve literacy skills.

    The Literacy Council has over 40 years of experience helping adults in our community improve liter- acy skills via one-on-one tutoring. There are currently fifteen Mishawaka residents on the waiting list for tutors. These are motivated adults who have sought the services of the Literacy Council and are pres- ently waiting for tutors to become available. Countywide, an average of fifty individuals await tutors at any time.


    If you wish to make an immediate impact right here in Mishawaka, please consider becoming a literacy tutor.


    Special training sessions will be conducted for St. Paul's in September. Training will consist of two three-hour sessions (a total of six hours) that present strategies for working with adult learners and intro- duce the nationally recognized curriculum adopted by the Literacy Council. Upon completion of train- ing, each tutor will be matched with a Mishawaka resident. Tutors will be expected to prepare lesson plans and meet with their students once a week for an hour and a half, at a time and place that is mutu- ally convenient. Most meetings occur at the public library, but any reasonably quiet place, including the St. Paul's undercroft, will work.


    Compassion and patience are the only prerequisites for becoming a literacy tutor. Unlike regularly scheduled or event-driven outreach projects, tutors will have total freedom to schedule sessions at times that are convenient for tutor and student. The Outreach Committee is hopeful that this flexibility will encourage broad participation. The committee anticipates that St. Paul's tutors will meet periodically as a group to share experiences, support one another, and pray for our students. If tutoring is not for you, there will be opportunities for St. Paul's to support the Literacy Council in other ways, such as fundrais- ing and awareness projects.


    Dates for St. Paul's tutor training will be announced soon. If you are unable to attend these September sessions, you can join the cadre of St. Paul's literacy tutors at any time by completing tutor training of- fered to the public on a monthly basis. Training schedules and additional information are available on the Literacy Council website, or from Jude Keltner.




    The Outreach Committee is happy to report that sufficient funds have been raised to cover the cost of tutor training.


    Training will be conducted at St. Paul's in January. Due to the interest and demonstrated commitment of St. Paul's volunteers, the training will be customized and possibly expanded to nine hours to best prepare our team for this important ministry.


    Upon completion of training, each team member will be matched with an adult learner from Mishawaka to provide one-on-one tutoring.


    There are currently fourteen Mishawaka residents awaiting tutors. Please consider helping St. Paul's wipe out this waiting list. The tutoring team roster as it currently stands: Teresa Betz, Ida Forbis, Jen Fulton, Mother Susan, Pam Jentz, Jude Keltner, Angelo Pascucci.


    If you are interested in changing lives through literacy but are undecided about becoming a tutor, please contact Jude Keltner for additional information.


    We’re also very pleased to report that the Literacy Council’s fundraiser on November 6, a dinnertheatre event at Tippecanoe Place featuring our own Jeanne Dams, is sold out! In fact, the Council is thinking of doing it again if demand warrants. So if you didn’t manage to get a ticket and would like to see a play based on one of Jeanne’s historical mysteries set at Tippe (and see her fantastic vintage hat), let Jude know and she’ll pass the info along to the other organizers.