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Help With Love

Help With Love


A new and exciting organization is getting ready to open its doors in the Mishawaka/Bremen area. It’s called Help With Love, and its mission is to “unite the Church to provide Help With Love to those in need, that all may know God and His Son.” Mother Susan is on the board of this organization and has been working with its leaders to get the project off the ground.

The method of Help With Love is simple. The organization will provide help with love in our community:

  • By connecting the resources of many churches with the people that need them.
  • By working together to provide new ministries where needs exist.
  • By sharing our faith in Christ in all we do.

The goal of Help With Love is not only to provide needed resources to people who need them, but to enable them to become self-sufficient through mentoring and advocacy.

Very soon Help With Love will be looking for people to volunteer in the following capacities: 1) an- swering the phone when people call for help, 2) volunteering to mentor a family, 3) volunteering to be- come an advocate for someone, and other ministries as needed. Please consider giving yourself to this valuable ministry.

For more information, visit www.HelpWithLove.org