Giving to St. Paul's

Help Raise Funds for St. Paul’s

Donate Your Items To Our ebay Fundraiser!


How Does It Work?
I Sold It

Participating in the drive is easy. Simply bring items you’d like to donate for sale on eBay to St. Paul’s, drop them in the designated box, and fill out the donation form.  iSold It representatives will periodically come by to pick them up.

Alternatively, you can bring them directly to an iSold It store. The local Michiana location is: 12933 SR 23, Granger, In 46530, (across from Martin's Supermarket - click here for a map). You can also bring items directly to any iSold It in the country. Visit to find a store near you.  Be sure to specify St. Paul's as the beneficiary of the auction when you check your items in.

iSold It will handle the rest - including photographing and listing the items on eBay, collecting payment from the winning bidder, and shipping out the item once the auction closes.  After the item sells, iSold It will mail St. Paul’s a check!  If you would like, they can also email you with the final sale information. 

What kinds of items can I donate?

iSold It will help us sell any item that:

  • Has an estimated value of $30 or more on eBay (smaller-value items may be combined into sets)
  • Is less than 150 lbs. and less than 130" in length + girth combined
  • Is legal for sale on eBay (no hazardous materials, counterfeits, etc.)
Popular items for sale on eBay include:
  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Designer Clothing, Shoes & Accessories (especially new) 
  • Electronics, including Cameras, Computers, PDAs, DVD players and Cell Phones
  • Sports and Entertainment Memorabilia  
  • Event Tickets - Sports, Concerts, etc... 
  • Jewelry & Watches Musical Instruments
  • Sporting Goods
  • Vehicle Parts & Accessories

What is iSold It’s Commission?

iSold It does not charge anything upfront to use its service.  With each completed sale, St. Paul’s earns approximately 70-80% of the item’s final sale value.

What if my item doesn’t sell during the auction period?

If your item doesn't sell during the auction, iSold It will donate it to charity.

If you have questions, please contact iSold it store manager Jane Wright at 574-532-1881, or visit