Community Meetings

St. Paul's regularly holds meetings and events designed to bring the community of St. Paul's together for times of fellowship, education, entertainment, and enrichment.

Such activities have included game nights, Euchre tournaments, hymn sings, meetings with the bishop, and much more.

St. Hilarious

the Order of St. Hilarious (sic)

The Order of St. Hilarious (not to be confused with Pope St. Hilarius, who was a great guy but not who we're talking about here) is a group of parishoners - any parishoners, including YOU - who gather on a regular basis for fun and fellowship.


The "meetings" will be called periodically on either a Wednesday or Friday night and will involve food, fun, and lots of other things. In the past (although prior to its christioning as the Order of St. Hilarious) we have done such things as board game nights, Euchre competitions, cookouts and forways to local restaurants.

Stay tuned for annoucements about future meetings, which will commence after Easter.